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  • 22,61 €

    LED Panel FRAME WHITE 40W - Rome - 595x595mm - COLOR 4000K- Neutral White, This type of panel is characterized by its design and low glare thanks to its UGR <13, it is considered a professional product suitable for work areas where light is optimal to prevent inconvenience to users. 64 Leds SMD2835 Everlight with Driver Lifud. 5 year warranty.

    Ref: ILXPLD13U40W

  • 7,82 €

    LIMITED UNIT OFFER: The 18W Slim LED Strip with interconnectable SMD2835 diodes of 63cm length and 18w power stands out for its extreme slimness and attractive aesthetics that allows its installation in different spaces. The luminaire can be interconnected with a maximum of 10 units. Indoor and outdoor use. IK08.

    Ref: ILXPEI18W/850

  • 78,58 €

    LIMITED UNIT OFFER: Our SKIVE Linear Professional luminaire - is designed for 24 hour uninterrupted intensive use. High strength polycarbonate + 98% purity extruded aluminum. - 288 Leds- Includes hanger and all accessories to join the LED lines and achieve a continuous effect on the luminaire. 5 Years Warranty.

    Ref: ILXSK36W150

  • 1,13 €

    A 6W power LED E27 A60 bulb gets a great power of brightness generating a more light to your spaces. The light is distributed evenly with its angle of 300°. Maximizes energy savings up to 90%

    Ref: B7504

  • 1,95 €

    This R80  E27 12W LED Bulb is the ideal model for replacing old candle bulbs that are commonly found in salon lamps. The 1050 lumens provided are equivalent to the brightness off a conventional 100W bulb. This allows us to save 80% in energy consumption. 

    Ref: PAR75156

  • 0,68 €

    The LED bulb 6W of power, has a capacity to generate energy savings of up to 90%, and is ideal to replace traditional bulbs fine  thread. With its light LED you will get a large spaces thanks to its 516 Lm lighting. 

    Ref: B7501

  • 1,19 €

    The LED tube T8 of 60cm length and power of 9W is an excellent and economical solution for the replacement of T8 fluorescent lamps. It has a single end connection, which is indicated as "INPUT". It achieves greater savings, avoids flashing the light on the lighting of the luminaire and thus achieves instant ignition with this LED tube.

    Ref: 4448

  • 1,19 €

    LED T8 tube 15W of glass attached to one end. Direct connection to the 220v, lets eliminate the expenditure which is not used ballast and Starter allowing greater durability. Warning: Buy MenIMA from 10 units to prevent BREAKAGE.

    Ref: 4449

  • 2,15 €

    This LED Downlight of 8W of power, has an angle of aperture of 120º ideal to illuminate all type of commercial establishments, so much in the particular field as professional. Thanks to its modern and attractive design you will have different types of decoration.

    Ref: PC8WB

  • 2,86 €

    Contribute to respecting the environment with this LED E27 light bulb of 15W of power thanks to the LED technology.

    Ref: 3339

  • 14,65 €

    30w power LED track spotlight. Its adjustable system allows to direct the light in any direction, making it possible to change the accordeng to lighting needs. Why this focus is perfect to enhance concrete elements, generating thus multiple environments. 24 primary and secondary 60º angle. SECURITY SYSTEM: There is to move the focus inside the guide for...

    Ref: 4772

  • 1,19 €

    The 90cm long T8 LED tube with 12W power is an excellent and economical solution for replacing T8 fluorescent tubes. Connection on one side.

    Ref: TUBOBL90CM

  • 1,79 €

    Aluminium single-phase rail spotlight.

    Ref: 5001

  • 1,52 €

    Adapter plug for single-phase rail is the basic element of any LED lighting system based on single-phase lanes enterconexion. With this type of adapter to we can connect in single-phase Rails fixed or pendant luminary that want to adapt and insert in Rails that we have installed allowing mobility of the lighting elements led at the desired site

    Ref: 3289

  • 1,19 €

    Display for 2 LED tubes with connection to one side only. The perfect solution to your indoor surface installations.

    Ref: EVPE9063

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