Select the lighting to your liking

Surely you wonder what Color Temperature is when you see one of our products.

The color temperature is measured in degrees Kelvin and refers to the different shades that a light can have. The most common are these three: Warm White, Neutral White and Cold White.

The type of light they generate can be warm or colder.

Three degrees of appearance are defined according to the tonality of the light:

-Light Cold (5,000K-6,500K) for those that have a bluish white tone,

-Light Neutral (4.000K-4.500K) for those that give white light and

-Light Warm (2,800K-3000K) for those who have a reddish white tone.

The choice of color of these elements is conditioned by aesthetic and cultural aspects basically, we must take into account the consequence that has the final result in the psychic state of people:

The cold tones can produce a sensation of enlargement of small spaces, and they can also cause a freshness impression that makes them very suitable for decoration in certain spaces, although depending on which cases can cause abatement.

The warm tones can produce sensations of animation, joy and give a welcoming appearance to the environment, although too warm a light can also produce the effect of dwarfing a space.

LED Kelvin Color