Lighting projects that suit you.

From FactorLED we carry out customized lighting projects, customizable and adapting to the needs of the client.

That is why we have a specialized department with advanced tools, where you can see how your work will be with maximum realism.

To carry out these works, we will only need you to provide us with the following information.

1. Newly created project.

to. Plans in Auto CAD with heights and a clear idea of ​​what you want to do.
b. Use of facilities (offices, paddle tennis court, industrial building ...)

2. Substitution project.

to. Images and / or photographs of the lamps on and off
b. Images, dimensions and power of current lamps
c. Flat in PDF or by hand hike with measures of Length, Width and Height.

• The greater the information, the better the results will be.

o Situation of the decorative elements within the plane.
o Color, finish and textures of them.
o Color and texture of floors, partitions, and ceilings. 

Without these documents we will not be able to carry out the requested work, so it is essential that you provide us with each and every one of them in the best possible state and completely legible.

As you well know, this type of project is very laborious and requires a lot of work and concentration to develop them.
FactorLED wants to go further. The project is completely free, you just have to leave a deposit amount of 150 € for its preparation.

But that money is not lost, if you buy us the lighting for the requested project, this amount will be deducted from the material supplied.
• The project is exclusively owned by

In case of not buying the lighting in FactorLED, this amount will not be returned.