SAMSUNG LED Outdoor Floodlight  White100W IP65 Elegance 140Lm/w

SAMSUNG LED Outdoor Floodlight White100W IP65 Elegance 140Lm/w

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Energy Class A+ CE Certificate ROHS Certificate

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29,95 €

Data sheet

Rated Power : 100w
Nominal Voltage: 170V-270V
Colour: 3000K 4000k Y 6000K
CRI - Chromatic Rendiment Index: 80
Energy Rating: A+
Luminosity-Lm: 14000Lm
Number & Type of LEDs: LED SAMSUNG
Beam Angle (º): 120º
Luminous diodo LED (Lm/W): 160 Lm/w
Luminous Efficiency (Lm/W): 140Lm/W
Certifications: CE - ROHS
IP : IP65-Outdoor
Diode Life Expectancy (H): 40.000
Dimensions (mm): 270x210x30
Power Factor (PF): 0.95
Frequency (Hz): 50/60Hz
Temperature Range (ºC): -20°C ~ +55°C
On/Off Cycles: 100.000
Starting Time (s): 0,2s
Construction Material: Aluminiun+Glass
Other Information: ANTI-UV PC Reflector
Warranty Years: 5

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LED Outdoor Floodlight  White SAMSUNG 100W IP65 - 140Lm/w

Samsung LED Floodlight with 100W power is perfect for architectural, advertising and decorative lighting. Thanks to its 120º angle, it allows the light to be distributed evenly when high lighting is required. Thanks to its white color you can design your areas exclusively, getting elegant and modern environments.

In addition, the spotlight is designed to be used in different spaces, which is why it has an IP65 so that it can be used in outdoor areas where high quality light is needed and also reduce the electricity bill. With its aluminum design you will be able to reduce in great amount the generated heat.

Thanks to its luminous efficacy of 140lm/w with Samsung diodes, a powerful light source is achieved. Available in various colour temperatures, neutral white (4000k) and cold white (6000k).

It is made of aluminum and glass of great resistance getting to elevate the life of the product so that its operation is extended and can give its maximum performance.

Applications of the LED Floodlight Samsung 100w

  • Gardens
  • Parks
  • Squares
  • Roundabouts
  • Museums
  • Roads
  • Galleries

200w Samsung Floodlight

This 100w Outdoor Fllodlight has a 5 year warranty. Its installation is simple so that any user can connect it in any area, it should only be connected to your electrical installation without the need for complementary accessories.

In FactorLED we assure that our products have QUALITY guarantee and offer all the necessary elements for DISTRIBUTION, IMPORT or WHOLESALE, including the technical sheet of each LED product.



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