Filtro Azul para Luminaria LED

Filtro Azul para Luminaria LED

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11,04 €

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Construction Material: Polycarbonate
Certifications: CE - ROHS
Dimensions (mm): 1.220x500/1.000/1.500mm
Warranty Years: 2

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Our filters for LED luminaires consist of a dichroic filter which consists of a transparent sheet. This transparent foil has a reflective coating on one of its surfaces that reflects the light to be filtered. By varying the number and thickness of these layers, the filter can be adjusted to the desired shade.

These filters offer purity, stability and longevity without equal in color which make it an ideal decorative solution. It should be noted that they have a precise and consistent color from batch to batch.

The blue filter is particularly suitable for commercial premises where you want to enhance or highlight the blue color.

They are sold in sections of 1.22m x 0.5m, 1.22m x 1.5m, 1.22m x 1m.

All filters are approved.


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