LED Strip COB 220V | 640 LED/m | 50m | FLIP CHIP | 1650Lm | 15W/M | CRI90 | IP20 | Cut 100cm

LED Strip COB 220V | CUSTOM CUT | 640 LED/m | 50m | FLIP CHIP | 1650Lm | 15W/M | CRI90 | IP67 | Cut 100cm

  • Rated Power


  • Nominal Voltage


  • CRI - Chromatic Rendiment Index


  • Luminosity-Lm

    1 Meter: 1

  • Beam Angle (º)


  • Luminous Efficiency (Lm/W)


  • IP


  • Diode Life Expectancy (H)


  • Dimensions (mm)

    50000m * H

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CE Certificate ROHS Certificate Energy Class A+

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9,46 €

Data sheet

Rated Power : 15w
Nominal Voltage: 220-240V
Colour: 2400K - 2700K - 4000K - 5700K
CRI - Chromatic Rendiment Index: 90
Luminosity-Lm: 1 Meter: 165Lm - 10 Meter: 1650Lm
Number & Type of LEDs: SMD 2835
Beam Angle (º): 180º
Luminous diodo LED (Lm/W): 110 Lm/W
Luminous Efficiency (Lm/W): 100Lm/W
Dimmable: TRIAC: 30%-100%
Certifications: CE - ROHS
IP : IP67-Outdoor
Diode Life Expectancy (H): 35.000
Dimensions (mm): 50000m * H4.39mm * 9.62mm
Temperature Range (ºC): -20°C ~ +55°C
On/Off Cycles: 100.000
Energy Rating (2021-UE-2019/2015): A+
Warranty Years: 3

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LED Strip COB 220V | 640 LED/m | 50m | FLIP CHIP | 1650Lm | 15W/M | CRI90 | IP67

Our direct 220V COB LED strip with adhesive tape to facilitate its installation DOES NOT require a power supply or current rectifier cable. DIRECT CURRENT 220V.

 The 220V LED strips can be dimmed (-Dimmables-) by TRIAC, their regulation allows from 30% to 100% of the light intensity.

This COB Led Strip has 640 FLIPCHIP chips per meter, with which we achieve a uniform light throughout the strip, in addition to having higher Lm/W performance than traditional SMD LEDs.

With its CRI >90 we get the colors to look very real. This makes this led strip perfect for lighting spaces where we want the colors to look perfect.

The LED strip can be cut and joined by the spaces indicated on it (joining copper zone), always following the pertinent instructions, (be careful that the soldering iron maintains a brief contact with the strip when soldering it, since excessive heat would damage the conductor).

This Led Coil is NOT submersible, the connection is at one end direct to the current with a maximum of 50m per connection.

In its placement, to increase the useful life of the LED strip, it is advisable to use the double-sided heat dissipating tape, as well as to place it on an aluminum profile, for a correct management of the heat of the LED strip itself.

 You can find on our website both signal amplifiers, such as dissipative tape, connection accessories, 12-24v power supplies, as well as aluminum profiles.

The LED strips are ideal to illuminate any type of corner or element of your business and your home, thanks to its flexibility. It can be said that one of its main advantages is the great versatility of uses that it can be given, since they can be installed in any area and adapt to any corner, and thus be placed in any position, due to its adaptable linear design.

Uses of LED Strip COB 220V | 640 LED/m | 50m | FLIP CHIP | 1650Lm | 15W/M | CRI90 | IP67

  • In libraries
  • Bars
  • Home
  • Restaurants
  • Rooftops
  • Shops

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