Photoelectric Sensor for outdoor - PRO - IP67


Photoelectric Sensor for outdoor - PRO - IP67

  • Rated Power

    1000W Tung

  • Nominal Voltage

    105V - 305

  • IP

    IP66- Outd

  • Diode Life Expectancy (H)


  • Dimensions (mm)

    Ø 84mm x

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15 days to Make Returns
1 units contained in the complete box

Energy Class A+

14,94 € TAX Included



14,94 €

Data sheet

Rated Power : 1000W Tungsten, 1800VA Ballast
Nominal Voltage: 105V - 305V
Energy Rating: A+
Certifications: CE-RoSH-UL773
IP : IP66- Outdoor
Diode Life Expectancy (H): 50.000
Dimensions (mm): Ø 84mm x H 66mm
Frequency (Hz): 50/60Hz
Temperature Range (ºC): -20°C ~ +55°C
On/Off Cycles: 100.000
Starting Time (s): 0,2s
Construction Material: Flame retardant thermoplastic
Warranty Years: 3
Time-Delay Time-Delay: 6Lx On - 50Lx Off

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Photoelectric Sensor for outdoor - PRO - IP67

This twilight outdoor sensor allows lighting on / off depending on the environment.

The sensitivity regulation range it supports ranges from 6 Lux to 50 lux.

Its use is ideal for road signs, garden lights, etc.

This sensor allows the lighting to be switched on automatically, both indoors and outdoors, at dusk and automatically switched off at dawn. This allows your installation to know if it is without light outside and thus be able to automate to a greater extent the lighting of your installation.

This product provides turn-lock terminals that meet the requirements of ANSI C136.10-1996 and the Standard for plug-in type photocontrollers for use with area lighting (UL773, 4th edition, dated January 19, 1995, certified by Intertek).

Photoelectric Sensor


The sensor detects the time of sunset or dusk (reduction of light level) and provides power (220Vac phase) at the output to connect the LED lamps. In the same way, the dawn interrupts the connection at the output of the electric current with the consequent disconnection of the LED lamps.

This product is designed with electronic circuits with photodiode sensor and a lightning rod (MOV) is provided. Your fastest response with a 3-20 second time delay offers an easy to test function.

Especially, this model provides a wide voltage range for customer applications under almost power supplies.

In addition, a predetermined time delay of 3-20 seconds could prevent a malfunction due to the spotlights or rays during the night.

Advantages over other systems

It is an automatic regulation system. If a clock / timer is simply used to turn the outdoor night lighting on and off, it would not agree with the variations in lighting levels caused by local weather conditions or with the variation in the time of dusk and dawn throughout the year, as well as the time change in summer and winter.


Assembly is very easy:

Turn off the power; The neutral (Neutral / N) is common to the sensor and the lamp / projector, the phase being connected to the identified sensor wire (Live / L) and the output where the lamp normally connects. It must be placed so that it does not directly receive the light from the lamp or the projector that controls it, so that it correctly identifies the level of natural light.

Press the photocontroller and turn it clockwise to lock it in the receptacle.

Install the photocontroller with the photocell facing NORTH as indicated on the top of the photocontroller. Adjust the position of the receptacle if necessary.

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