100W PROFESSIONAL Solar LED Streetlight - ULTRA SLIM - Motion Sensor  150lm/W

100W PROFESSIONAL Solar LED Streetlight - ULTRA SLIM - Motion Sensor 150lm/W

  • Rated Power

    100W Chip

  • CRI - Chromatic Rendiment Index


  • Luminosity-Lm


  • Beam Angle (º)

    75º x 145º

  • Luminous Efficiency (Lm/W)

    153 Lm/W

  • IP


  • Diode Life Expectancy (H)


  • Dimensions (mm)


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Energy Class A++ CE Certificate ROHS Certificate

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104,04 €

Data sheet

Rated Power : 100W Chip Bridgelux
Colour: 5000K
CRI - Chromatic Rendiment Index: 80
Construction Material: Aluminium +PMMA
Energy Rating: A++
Luminosity-Lm: 3000
Number & Type of LEDs: SMD 2835 Bridgelux Chip 2240 DS-C30
Beam Angle (º): 75º x 145º
Luminous diodo LED (Lm/W): 160 Lm/w
Luminous Efficiency (Lm/W): 153 Lm/W
Dimmable: YES
Certifications: CE - ROHS
IP : IP65-Outdoor
Diode Life Expectancy (H): 100.000
Dimensions (mm): 658x234xH61
Temperature Range (ºC): -10ºC - +60ºC
Starting Time (s): 0,2s
Other Information: Solar Panel: 12V 20W Monocrystalline Silicon
Material of the Battery: 6.4V - 12 Ah Lithium-ion Li Fepo4 (32650)
Download Time: 24h. (2 days)
Control modes: RADAR
Warranty Years: Solar Panel : 15 Years - Batery: 2Years
Range (m): 6 m.
Time-Delay Time-Delay: Detector Normal : 20% - With people: 100% 20s.

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with Motion Sensor. Control unit

If you need to buy a magnificent 100w SOLAR LED Streetlamp High luminosity chip with movement detector to light up a good part of your outdoor garden or the entrance to your home, without having to connect it to the mains, this streetlamp will really come in handy.

The professional solar streetlamp has a Monocrystalline and Battery solar panel of high useful life and capacity of Lithium Ion (Li Fepo4) with high power cells 32650 of 6.4 volts and 12Ah.

Monocrystalline solar panels are the most efficient on the market, reaching 20% of capture, compared to 15% of polycrystalline.

The luminaire has a MPPT "Maximum Power Point Tracker" management regulation system, which is the most efficient battery control system, both for the protection of the battery, prolonging its useful life, and for the most efficient performance system to obtain more lumens from the luminaire.

The MPPT regulator is capable of separating the operating voltage of the solar panel from the battery voltage. This allows it to place the voltage of the solar panels at the optimum point to obtain the maximum power at every moment of use of the solar luminaire.

The street light also has a radio frequency remote control to be able to program it to the needs of each time of the year.

In addition, benefit from the advantages of this Professional Slim Streetlight, since some of its advantages are that thanks to its advanced led technology you will achieve a great light yield.

  1. Savings in maintenance costs.
  2. Ideal for replacing old street lights.
  3. It has IP65 protection.
  4. It does not need an external power supply.
  5. No need to install wiring.

Make use of clean and renewable energy thanks to the fact that this panel captures the heat produced by the sun during the day, converting it into energy, thus charging its battery, and at night the LED module is switched on using the stored energy.

Its installation is very simple.

Once installed, you only have to wait for the sun to charge its batteries and at night it will turn on automatically, in order to offer you the light you need in the place where you have installed it. It also switches off automatically when it detects the sunrise.

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How the solar street light works:

  • Normal operation at 20% and when detecting presence it works at 100% for approximately 20 seconds.
  • By means of control with programmable PIR remote control.

Uses of the product

  • Gardens
  • Public parks
  • Roads
  • Streets
  • Places...

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